Hamptons Legal – The Daily Detail

News, Service & Small Practice Management


We help attorneys get their work done in Manhatton & on the East End of Long Island, (Suffolk County) New York, with a full spectrum of Legal Services & Support. With ten years experience in the business of law, think of us as the back office you always wanted. Call us! We come to you.

Service for Process anywhere in the country. We will expedite!

Web Design & Marketing

Research – Intelligent investigation and fact finding
Real Estate Info –
quick comps & research
Litigation Support
Certified Translators
Data Analysis
Practice Systems Overview & Consulting
Time & Billing Management

Administrative Support
Conference Space
Courier Service to NYC & The Hamptons



Don’t Let a Breaking Story Pass Unnoticed

Hamptons Legal offers press liaison and publicist services to get your important story as much coverage as possible in regional and national media sources. We have developed solid relationships with media outlets whether print, radio, television or on the world wide web. Our professional approach translates into getting your important stories the attention they deserve.

Once your story is out there, we continue to follow up and facilitate press contacts as the story unfolds in order to extend coverage as long as possible. Cultivating a positive relationship with media is essential, as your name and the face of your firm gain client recognition you could not achieve in any other manner.

Our media consultants have a broad range of experience from local and regional work to consultancy in corporate, non-profit and government agencies and organizations. This pool of talent is happy to work in the climate of growth that is the practice of law in the Hamptons.

Please give Patricia Sweeney a call to brainstorm your pending media needs on a strictly confidential basis. Don’t let a breaking story pass without coverage.


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