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Ease End Networking Luncheon

Posted by pbsweeney on February 19, 2007

MARCH 7TH, 2007 at 12:30 p.m.


Cost: $26.00 Per Person
Includes Soup or Salad, Entrée and Dessert, Coffee or Tea and Tax and Gratuity

RSVP by March 2, 2007
Jennifer Maloney (631) 208-1063


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Cats Are Paroled

Posted by pbsweeney on January 29, 2007

Well, I’m not sure paroled is the right word. Maybe evicted is the proper legal term. All we know is, we didn’t serve the papers.  A new wardon has decided that these useful prison farm cats must get the boot. Is that a howl of protest we’re hearing? The following is a quote from the AP story via CNN.

WINDSOR, Vermont (AP) — At the Southeast State Correctional Facility, inmates are subjected to head counts several times a day. But not Ziggy, Marmalade, Smokey and Shane — they come and go as they please. They’re prison cats — but only for now. They are being involuntarily paroled by the new superintendent of Vermont’s largest women’s prison, to the chagrin of inmates who feed them, pay for their care and cherish them.

“It is not a physical plant that is conducive to a pet program,” said Superintendent Anita Carbonell. “I know a lot of the inmates consider them pets, but they aren’t really.”

View the complete story today on CNN here…

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Who is Where in Riverhead’s New Supreme Court

Posted by pbsweeney on January 17, 2007

riverhead.jpg Hampton’s Legal had reason to be up at the new Supreme Court in Riverhead today. It’s a spectacular addition with additional parking contiguous to the building on Court Street. The three-story, 95,000 square-foot courthouse was erected behind the existing 70 year old buildings and is connected to them by two enclosed bridges. The new courthouse has an atrium lobby, nine courtrooms and chambers, a jury assembly room, jury impaneling rooms, a children’s center, a public cafeteria and conference space. It’s a beautiful space and a welcome addition.

Signage is a little dicey yet, but court personnel are very helpful. Hamptons Legal has obtained a current directory of the offices for individual judges. If you are headed up there, email us and we will let you know who is where.

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Is the Constitution Dead in Southampton?

Posted by pbsweeney on November 25, 2006

Last week’s Southampton Press carried a front page story that proudly announced that the Village would adopt a resolution to permit groups involved as plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit against the Village, to march in future Fourth of July parades without issue. The suit came about because various local groups opposed to the war in Iraq had not been issued permits to march in the 2006 parade. The committee that runs the parade for the Village had decided that peace banners were inappropriate to the spirit of the day, a puzzling decision for a celebration of our independence and constitutionally provided freedoms.

The groups, with the help of attorney Jim Henry of Sag Harbor, rushed to the courthouse at the end of the day on the Friday before the parade and managed to get a federal judge to consider that the issue was serious enough to open the court for a special session on July third. After a hastily convened teleconference between the parties, the judge issued an order that basically reaffirmed the groups’ constitutional rights, permitting them to march with their banners in the parade. What a concept!

The lawsuit continues. In an end run move, the Village has adopted the above-mentioned resolution, but in doing so has once again attempted to define who may participate in the parade and with what kind of speech. The guarantee of free speech and participation only applies to the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit, not to the rest of us, thus creating a special class of people with a pre-determined “privilege” to a constitutional right.

This writer does not get it. How is it that a municipality is able to imagine it may make such a determination? Village officials are concerned that anyone might then find a place in the parade, even neo-nazis for example. They claim that they are just trying to preserve the spirit of a family event. Again, this issue has been ruled upon in the courts ad nauseum. Here’s hoping that the lesson to our children on Independence Day will be one of true citizenship with constitutionally guaranteed rights for all, not just those whom the Village of Southampton deems appropriate and deserving.

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Domestic Partnership in Suffolk County, NY

Posted by pbsweeney on November 15, 2006

If you have unmarried clients who live in a committed relationship, a good reason to touch base with them is the recently enacted Suffolk County legislation regarding domestic partnerships. It brings up a host of issues for discussion and their legal solutions.  The benefits of registering a domestic partnership In Suffolk County are indesputable, though limited. It’s particulary great for county employees, and is one more step in the process of eliminating descrimination. Note that:

“This Legislature hereby determines that the World Trade Center attack demonstrated the need to provide domestic partners in committed relationships with a means to legally establish that relationship because there are numerous situations in which one partner was injured or killed and the partner has been denied the ability to collect insurance, reside in the partnership’s residence, claim next of kin benefits, or even to visit their hospitalized partner.”

Once the clerk receives an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership, executed jointly by the partners, and two prescribed proofs that evidence financial interdependence, the county will issue a Certificate of Domestic Partnership Registration. To view the law in its entirety, click here. This law took effect September 16, 2006 and is a terrific gift to committed partners.

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Lawmakers Contemplate Paper Trail

Posted by pbsweeney on October 30, 2006

Catching up on our reading:

The Washington Post reports that “a computer glitch that alters the names of some candidates on electronic ballots in three Virginia cities helps prove the need to create a paper record of each vote cast, two state lawmakers said yesterday.” Read the whole story here… Applause to Virgina for waking up to smell the coffee about the voting debacle that is about to descend upon us. Applause too for our own County Executive Steve Levy on this issue, wherein Suffolk County is suing the State of New York, claiming that Suff. Co. residents are being forced to pay millions for electronic voting machines that we neither need nor want, all because of the way the State Legislature interpreted the new federal voting law. On this one, we gotta say – Go Steve!

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Update on Surveillance of Local Peace Groups

Posted by pbsweeney on October 28, 2006

The ACLU in Maine has retrieved documents using the Freedom of Information Act that detail how local Maine peace groups are under surveillance by the FBI. Read that story in its entirety here….

When I talk to friends about this story, there’s a bit of chuckling about “the good old days” of campus unrest over the Vietnam War and comments like “Feds will be Feds,” and then an odd gloom settles over the conversation. Somehow, Feds these days have a more sinister quality. I’m waiting for the first peace activist to be locked up and held incommunicado under some new, untested classification. But they wouldn’t do that, right? Well maybe not in the old days, but its a new day now. When I look at the peace demonstrators in our towns, mostly 60 plus with kindly faces, it’s hard to imagine new FBI or Pentagon files being opened as we speak, but hey, it’s happening. These are not like the extended campus network of demonstrators who occupied buildings, stopped traffic and chained themselves to federal sites in the late sixties and early seventies. We’re talking quiet, peaceful gatherings on village greens now. So what gives?

Has anyone out there made a FOIA request on behalf of our local groups?

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Pentagon Surveillance of Local Peace Groups

Posted by pbsweeney on October 15, 2006

This came in from the ACLU news feed. Smile, you’re in a Pentagon anti-terrorism database:

Defense Department Tracked Quakers, Student Groups

NEW YORK — “Documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal new details of Pentagon surveillance of Americans opposed to the Iraq war, including Quakers and student groups. The documents show that the Pentagon was keeping tabs on non-violent protesters by collecting information and storing it in a military anti-terrorism database.

“There is simply no reason why the United States military should be monitoring the peaceful activities of American citizens who oppose U.S. war policies,” said ACLU attorney Ben Wizner. “When information about non-violent protest activity is included in a military anti-terrorism database, all Americans should be concerned about the unchecked authority this administration has seized in the name of fighting terrorism.”

The documents come in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the ACLU earlier this year after evidence surfaced that the Pentagon was secretly conducting surveillance of protest activities, anti-war organizations and groups opposed to military recruitment policies. The Pentagon shared the information with other government agencies through the Threat and Local Observation Notice (TALON) database.”

Click here for the balance of the article. The actual details of various surveillance activities as presented in these retrieved documents are really fascinating. AND, you can download copies of the documents that the ACLU obtained on three local investigations. There seems to be no doubt in the government’s mind that anyone who carries a sign that says “Stop the War” is a potential terrorist. Thank you, Mr. Rumsfeld, for devoting our tax dollars to protecting us from Quakers, Unitarians, and college kids. Just don’t forget to strip search these people before they get on a plane.

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Welcome to Hamptons Legal & The Daily Detail

Posted by pbsweeney on August 23, 2006

Being a relaxed, collegial place in the blogosphere for practicing attorneys and legal junkies in the beautiful Hamptons and surrounding areas in New York, otherwise known as the center of the universe. We’re looking to write about the business of law, local & national cases both interesting and useful, technology and software news for lawyers, service for process, the skinny on local courts and government agencies, cool research tools and databases, and a host of other subjects and resources, not to mention humor.

Before long we’ll be doing Featured Attorney articles, showcasing amazing and brilliant legal minds out here and we welcome nominations for same.

So stay tuned as we put all this together and enjoy the process! Ideas, suggestions, contributions, etc are embraced with enthusiasm. No smoking, spitting or cursing.

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