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New York’s Data Security Breach Law

Posted by pbsweeney on November 30, 2006

It seems that every time you turn around in the news these days, there has been a security breach in personal data stored electronically. Laptops go missing, systems get hacked, data literally falls off the back of a truck – you name it. There’s a data mining free for all going on out there. Little publicized though, have been the smaller sized heists of private data in the hands of accountants, attorneys and other professionals who lose laptops go missing as lost or stolen items.

An opportune follow up to the our post about client contact, a strong reason to reach out to all your business clients is to let them know about this important recent law. The statute mandates that anyone who holds private data must notify those individuals whose information has been compromised, and provides for serious consequences for noncompliance. For a detailed discussion on the law and its implications and consequences, click here…


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