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Why You Need to Vote Anyway

Posted by pbsweeney on November 6, 2006

There are a lot of good reasons not to vote tomorrow if you feel as disenfranchised as so many Americans do right now. And chances are, you’re not reading this blog if you feel that way. Chances are you stopped watching TV because the ads are so depressing, or you’re freaking out that your vote won’t count anyway with these damn new machines, or you can’t stand to watch another talking head because they insist on screaming non-headlines at you about some poor sap who mispoke or exposed himself as a human being, and not a sanitized, pre-programmed, “product” for a political consumer you just aren’t. Chances are you took a break this weekend and went shopping, or walked along the ocean, or got all existential in a bar.

Now that you feel a little more normal, it’s time to hit those polls tomorrow because underneath it all, you’re a true citizen, even if you feel royally screwed. Underneath it all you do give a damn about the sacred quality of your vote, of pulling that leaver or pushing that button and making who you are and how you feel known throughout the land, even if no one is speaking for you right now. Believe it or not, your vote gets attention. It’s an indisputable fact, that vote, and its such a precious commodity that people and organizations spend millions and millions of dollars to get it. So keep that in mind, get thee to the polls tomorrow, and do your best.


One Response to “Why You Need to Vote Anyway”

  1. Amen.

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