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Update on Surveillance of Local Peace Groups

Posted by pbsweeney on October 28, 2006

The ACLU in Maine has retrieved documents using the Freedom of Information Act that detail how local Maine peace groups are under surveillance by the FBI. Read that story in its entirety here….

When I talk to friends about this story, there’s a bit of chuckling about “the good old days” of campus unrest over the Vietnam War and comments like “Feds will be Feds,” and then an odd gloom settles over the conversation. Somehow, Feds these days have a more sinister quality. I’m waiting for the first peace activist to be locked up and held incommunicado under some new, untested classification. But they wouldn’t do that, right? Well maybe not in the old days, but its a new day now. When I look at the peace demonstrators in our towns, mostly 60 plus with kindly faces, it’s hard to imagine new FBI or Pentagon files being opened as we speak, but hey, it’s happening. These are not like the extended campus network of demonstrators who occupied buildings, stopped traffic and chained themselves to federal sites in the late sixties and early seventies. We’re talking quiet, peaceful gatherings on village greens now. So what gives?

Has anyone out there made a FOIA request on behalf of our local groups?


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