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Pentagon Surveillance of Local Peace Groups

Posted by pbsweeney on October 15, 2006

This came in from the ACLU news feed. Smile, you’re in a Pentagon anti-terrorism database:

Defense Department Tracked Quakers, Student Groups

NEW YORK — “Documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal new details of Pentagon surveillance of Americans opposed to the Iraq war, including Quakers and student groups. The documents show that the Pentagon was keeping tabs on non-violent protesters by collecting information and storing it in a military anti-terrorism database.

“There is simply no reason why the United States military should be monitoring the peaceful activities of American citizens who oppose U.S. war policies,” said ACLU attorney Ben Wizner. “When information about non-violent protest activity is included in a military anti-terrorism database, all Americans should be concerned about the unchecked authority this administration has seized in the name of fighting terrorism.”

The documents come in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the ACLU earlier this year after evidence surfaced that the Pentagon was secretly conducting surveillance of protest activities, anti-war organizations and groups opposed to military recruitment policies. The Pentagon shared the information with other government agencies through the Threat and Local Observation Notice (TALON) database.”

Click here for the balance of the article. The actual details of various surveillance activities as presented in these retrieved documents are really fascinating. AND, you can download copies of the documents that the ACLU obtained on three local investigations. There seems to be no doubt in the government’s mind that anyone who carries a sign that says “Stop the War” is a potential terrorist. Thank you, Mr. Rumsfeld, for devoting our tax dollars to protecting us from Quakers, Unitarians, and college kids. Just don’t forget to strip search these people before they get on a plane.


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