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Featured Attorney – Meg Rudansky, Esq.

Posted by pbsweeney on September 26, 2006

Sag Harbor, New York

Meg Rudansky, Esq. graduated in 1984 from Brooklyn Law School. She was admitted to the bar in 1985 and immediately opened her private practice in Sag Harbor. Meg has been a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association (Elder Law and Tax Committees) since 1988. She is a member of the NYS Bar Association (Elder Law and Trusts and Estates Committees), a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) and a member of Wealth Counsel, a national organization of estate planning attorneys.

We wanted to talk to Meg because she has developed a successful niche practice in Elder Law, and we were curious about how she has approached building her firm over the years.

Meg is very enthusiastic about her practice. “I love it. I really do love it,” she said. She particularly enjoys the counseling aspect; helping her clients with tax and estate planning strategies. Meg has defined her practice on this very personalized approach relating to an area of her clients’ lives that is cause for serious concern. “I love the counselor role,” she says.

Though many attorneys on the East End have successful practices that cover everything from real estate transactions to criminal litigation, Meg believes that her specialty cannot be easily added to a “laundry list” of legal services. The stakes are too high as changes in the tax code and Medicaid laws continually impact estate planning, thus constant attention to new legislation and relevant decisions are mandatory. Meg believes that her specialization has been the key to her success.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Meg is a text book example of a legal marketing whiz – she does everything we urge attorneys to do in order to get their names out there to grow their practice. She participates in local charitable causes, she gives seminars relating to her practice specialty, she has a great web site, she is well represented in professional organization membership in her specialty, she writes a column for a local paper, AND she has even developed a practice tool relating to marketing that sets her apart as a smart and savvy woman.

Given all this, how did Meg get to the place where she realized the value of comprehensive marketing on such a scale?

“Well to me it was a no brainer; it was common sense,” Meg tells us. “I just used what I thought were natural ways of getting my name out there.”

Meg shared with us one of her more recent marketing successes: I did a set of seminars at Guerneys Inn and the Southampton Inn, she says, and I included a free consultation for any attendee. I found myself flooded with people who took me up on that, and I found myself spending a terrific amount of time on these consultations trying to strike a balance how much information to give away for free. My client list went through the roof and it was a bit overwhelming.

It forced me to think – What do I want my practice to look like. Do I want a machine or do I want a more gradual growth where I can take the time to develop the systems to support it in a way that serves the client effectively?

Through my association with the paper I write a column for, I was able to take out a half page ad at a reduced price. I invited people to Starbucks for coffee and we all sat in a circle and I asked people if they had any questions. It was a great experience. People asked their questions, I listened and answered, and at the end I gave out $5 Starbucks gift cards. It produced a manageable number of clients without the expenditure of my time on lengthy free consultations. People that came in to me from that event came in as ready-made clients.

How’s that for marketing genius? We love it! We love that it was not too expensive and not too time consuming. We love the understanding and assessment of the target market group in the community. And the setting was perfect in that it was non-threatening and laid back. People did not need to be anxious about a one on one hard sell.

In the increasingly competitive world of lawyering on the East End, Meg Rudansky’s investment in a thoughtfully marketed specialty practice is a smart mirror of a national trend. You can reach out to Meg at 631-725-4778. See the contact page on her web-site for further details.


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