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Voter ID Scuffles

Posted by pbsweeney on September 13, 2006

We could subtitle this “The Bizarre ‘Wisdom’ of Exclusionary Legislation.” Yesterday when I went to vote in the primary, the mostly retiree poll workers kindly looked up my name in the rolls and I signed in to vote. My signature was examined to see if it was a match and I was ushered to one of the old lever machines which are so reliable and apparently not made anymore – but that’s a whole other subject. The point is that the process was not remotely adversarial. Those of us voting were all happy to be exercising our rights. But in some states this happy, cordial, feel-good process is changing…

Peter Wallsten of The Los Angeles Times writes…
“Little noticed by U.S. voters, a nationwide melee has broken out pitting liberal and conservative groups in a duel over restrictive new voting laws that could determine who wins close elections in November and beyond. The dispute, which is being fought in disparate and often half-empty courtrooms in as many as nine states, concerns new state laws and rules backed primarily by Republicans that require people to show photo identification to vote and, in some cases, proof of citizenship and identification when registering to vote.” Read the full text of the article here…


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